The Mighty Penguins Organization

The Mighty Penguins Organization aims to provide an inclusive, fun, safe environment for all who wish to play sled hockey. In order to ensure the safest and most productive experience for all, players are grouped into one of six teams: Youth Novice, Junior Gold, Junior Black, Adult Gold, Adult Black, and Senior.

The divisions reflect players’ skills, time playing, and desire to participate in activities (i.e. weekly practices, tournaments, scrimmages). Each team has different requirements, expectations, and goals. Progression through the team levels is a group effort. Both the player and the coaches must work together to ensure a smooth transition at the right time in the player’s sled hockey career as coaches determine proper team placement to safeguard player growth and development.

At all levels of play, players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is controlled and in keeping with the rules outlined in the Code of Conduct. Good sportsmanship and self-control are critical to the game of hockey and this organization. Players are expected to follow the rules at all times and must always obey the instructions and directions from coaches.