Interested in trying sled hockey?

Sled hockey provides the opportunity for physically disabled children and adults to play competitive hockey with the option to travel if desired. We strive to offer skill-based opportunities for all abilities including the opportunity to simply enjoy fun, therapeutic, and competitive benefits of sled hockey.

What is required?

  • Please reach out with any specific disability-related questions you may have. Questions: [email protected]
  • Players must be at least 5 years old or above.
  • Players sit upright in the sled bucket (seat) with their legs extended or bent in front of them. We will work with amputees to find the appropriate sled option. We have bucket options for players who need neck and back support.
  • Players are required to wear protective hockey equipment including: helmet with cage, neck guard, chest protector, elbow pads, hockey gloves, shin guards, and durable shoes/hockey boots without blades if applicable.
  • Players hold sled hockey stick(s) with picks on the end to propel their sled. If you are unable to physically propel yourself, we will add a push bar to the sled and have one of our volunteer sled pushers assist you.
  • Worried you won’t like the sled hockey? Most first-time participants are quickly hooked on sled hockey. We understand hockey is expensive and you need to try it to see if this is the sport for you. We will set up an appointment for physically disabled individuals to try sled hockey for free.