Alex Brown

Alex’s love of hockey started when he was 3 years old during the Penguins Stanley Cup run in 2009.

Alex received ice skating lessons for his 4th birthday to get ready for his start in the sport.  Just days after seeing the Stanley Cup in person, Alex had a spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma.  Alex suffered many setbacks and the result was a spinal cord injury.  He learned while in the hospital about the game of sled hockey.  Alex was released from the hospital in a wheelchair, with a feeding tube and a trach.  Despite being on a ventilator to help him breathe for 12 hours a day, he started sled hockey less than 2 months out from the hospital.  Alex immediately loved it!  He has gotten stronger and healthier and now is on the Mighty Penguins Junior Team.   Alex looks forward to tournaments and enjoys spending time with his teammates.

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