Kelsey DiClaudio

From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Kelsey DiClaudio was introduced to the sport of sled hockey in the second grade, when she first began playing with the Pittsburgh Mighty Penguins, and was instantly hooked.

Growing up playing with all men DiClaudio has no fear of being checked into the boards like any other guy. She was born with tethered spinal cord syndrome and has had to have numerous back surgeries but nothing has stopped her from playing the sport she loves.

In 2010, she competed in the semi-finals of the first annual USA Hockey Sled Classic as the only female member on the Pittsburg Mighty Penguins ice sled hockey team. She was also a member of the United States Women’s National Ice Sledge Hockey Team and participated in the first ever IPC Sledge Hockey Women’s International Cup in 2014, where she was the leading scorer.

  • Member of the U.S. Women’s National Sled Hockey team
  • First female selected on the U.S. National Development Sled Hockey Team
  • Only female – on the Pittsburgh Mighty Penguins competitive men’s sled club

Kelsey’s story was featured on NBC’s Hockey Day In America special.  She shares her story of breaking barriers.

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