Nathan Kustra

Nathan was born with spina bifida. He showed at an early age a love of sports and competition. Just after his 6th birthday, we were invited to a “Try Sled Hockey” event hosted by the Mighty Penguins. Nathan absolutely loved it from the moment he was put on the ice in his sled. Harrison Burgess worked with him that first day and taught him how to move the sled and shoot the puck.

The following two seasons Nathan played on the novice team and then moved to the Junior level in his third year. He has participated in every tournament offered and loves attending summer camps to increase his skills and meet players from around the country. In addition to the more traditional benefits of sled hockey (being on a team, working hard, competition, etc.), we’ve seen improvements in Nathan’s overall conditioning and balance. Sled hockey has really become such an integral part of Nathan’s life and we are just so grateful that he was given this opportunity.